Week of September 12

This was a busy second week of school for the students in Room 27!

  • We reviewed many consonants and vowels using our skywriting and white boards.
  • We had an assembly on Belonging with Mrs. Johnson, kindergarten, and second grade.
  • We met with our Book Buddies from Fourth Grade.
  •  We read Scaredy Squirrel and learned a few important lessons-

   “Face your fears.” -Cameron

   “Don’t be scared of the unknown.” – Angaj

   “Don’t be afraid to try new things.” -Ivy

   “You can try it out.” -Samira

   “Don’t jump out of trees.” -Meghan

   “Don’t be a squirrel.” -Jonathan

   “Don’t be afraid of other animals.” -Zoe

   “Don’t touch poison ivy.” -Constantine

   “Don’t put poison ivy in your mouth!” -Asad

   “Don’t be afraid of new things you haven’t tried.” -Emmett

  • We took a reading test on the computer.
  • Created All About Me posters.
  • We learned 2 new greetings and activities for Morning Meeting.




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