Week of September 26

We welcomed the season of Fall last week and the chilly weather followed this week.  That did not keep the students in Room 27 from working hard and filling their days with learning.  This week you can hear from a few of the students themselves on what we learned:

“We learned about missing numbers and filling them in.” -Samira

“We learned how to write and color sight words.  It was Shape Spelling.” -Emmett

“In Reading class we learned how to make our own puppets.” -Connor

“We learned about readers. They have to have stamina.” -Angaj

“Once we are done with our projects, we should read a quiet book.” -Cameron

  • We also learned a Math center, Roll and Record.
  • We worked on a new Math app, Symphony Math.
  • As mathematicians, we talked about being precise, accurate, and meticulous with our work.
  • We switched for Reading and learned about our Reading teacher and classmates.
  • We listened to several stories, including Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind, Gaston, Brand New Pencils, Brand New Notebooks and Lily’s Big Day.
  • We learned about the word stamina and what that means in Reading and Writing.

Roll and Record Center in Math


Mrs. Carroll’s Reading Group


Book Buddies


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