Week of October 3

This week was filled with new experiences for our First Graders!  They learned exciting new things each day and worked very hard.  There were many opportunities for partner work and collaborative group work.

  • We started our first week of Spelling words.
  • We practiced writing sentences with capital letters and punctuation.
  • We learned 3 trick words- and, the, of
  • Mrs. Carroll’s readers began center rotations and reading groups.
  • We learned a new Math Center, Four Corners, that helps us with addition facts.
  • We took a Math assessment to ‘show what we know’ from our last topic.
  • We had big smiles for Picture Day!
  • We started our first Science Unit which involved 2 experiments!
  • We dissected a flower to see the parts and what was inside.
  • We conducted a celery and food coloring experiment.
  • We learned what it means to observe during Science experiments.
  • We listened to several books including In 1492, Patty’s Pumpkin Patch, A Seed is Sleepy, and The Curious Garden.
  • We did a Fun Friday activity with all the classes on Christopher Columbus.


Plant Observations




Celery Experiment



Fun Friday




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