Week of October 24

The students in Room 27…..

  • played Pumpkins and ghouls in P.E.
  • learned a new app, Parts of a Plant, to study plant parts and functions.  They also made their own plant on the app!
  • studied and sketched oak tree leaves and seeds, pine tree leaves and seeds, and maple tree leaves and seeds. They also read several books about plant parts and functions.
  • collected leaves from their backyards to study the shapes, sizes, and colors. We’ll use them next week to create a leaf rubbing book.
  • studied Main Idea and details in Reading.  We used sorting and categorizing to help our brains prepare for this strategy.
  • took a Topic 2 Math test on strategies to solve addition and subtraction equations. Be sure to ask them how to use a number line or doubles fact!
  • filled out a candy corn book review with their book buddies.
  • had a Fall Fun Friday! They listened to The Biggest Pumpkin Ever  and created a stand-up pumpkin.  They also had “Parties in a Bag” with their classmates while telling Halloween jokes.





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