Week of October 31

Wow! This week was filled with many academic and fun activities.  Check out what we did…..

  • In P.E. we learned how to jump rope
  • In Art we learned how to draw bees.
  • In Music we learned that legato is “smooth”  and staccato is “bumpy.”
  • On Monday Ms. Pavlicek led us on a tree walk.  We took pictures of the oak, maple, and pine trees, leaves and seeds.  We used our iPads to take pictures that will be used for our Tree book.
  • Ms. Scheffer and Ms. Marcus came to our classroom to help us start our Tree Books.  We used the Book Creator app to make the books.
  • We did leaf rubbings in for our Fall book. They will be coming home next week!
  • In Math we learned and practiced our doubles and doubles +1 facts.
  • In Reading we practiced Main Idea and Details.
  • In Reading we also learned about nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  • In Writing we completed our October monthly memory. We can’t believe it’s November already!







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