Week of November 7 and 14

We’ve had a few interruptions in the past few school weeks, but that has not kept us from learning and growing! Here are some of the many happenings in Room 27:

  • We learned about what veterans have done for our country and why we celebrate Veteran’s Day each year.
  • We began class discussions about the many things we are thankful for this year.
  • In Reading we learned about the glued sounds -am, -an.
  • We began learning about the retelling strategy by using story panels.  All of Mrs. Carroll’s readers were videotaped retelling a story!
  • We learned about common and proper nouns.
  • In Math we learned strategies about doubles, doubles plus 1, doubles plus 2, and making 10.
  • We earned another postcard in ST Math. We have completed 20% of our curriculum.
  • We’ve been practicing our fluency with Math facts by using flash cards and timed fact quizzes.
  • In Science we completed our Plant Parts and Functions unit by creating our own plant with labels.  Be sure to check out the pictures below!
  • In Library we picked out a book to use for our book reviews. We’ll be working with Mr. Murphy to create the review on Book Creator.
  • We chose our poems for the Peppermint Parade.
  • On Friday we earned a whole school reward and got to listen to music during lunch.




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