Week of December 12

This week we are going to hear from some of our students in Room 27!

  • “Table 3 and table 2 won the table points!” Jonathan
  • “We did our Peppermint Parade headbands.” Cameron
  • “We practiced on stage with the microphone for the Peppermint Parade.” Victoria
  • “We made our final touches for our bees with Mr. Scarpullo.” Samira
  • “We watched the Winter Concert with the Fifth and Fourth Grade.” Emma
  • “We colored penguins and ice skates for our door.” Angaj

We also….

  • We played Snowman in P.E.
  • In Music we played Freeze Dance.
  • In Math we practiced our subtraction facts.
  • We wrote Math word problems for addition and subtraction facts.
  • We earned another postcard from JiJi and have completed 30% of the program.
  • In Reading we continued to learn about plural nouns, including irregular plural nouns.
  • We finished our Book Reviews on Book Creator with Mr. Murphy.
  • We learned about Opinion Writing and wrote letters about why we should or should not go outside on a snow day.
  • We had a Community Circle with Mrs. Johnson about heroes and courage.






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