Week of January 9 and 16

The past two weeks have been busy in Room 27! Here is what we have been up to….

  • In PE we’ve been using mats to practice different tumbling techniques.
  • In Art we are learning about primary and secondary colors.  We have also learned about symmetrical design.
  • In Music we are learning about music notes, crescendo and decrescendo.
  • In Literacy we learned 4 new glued sounds- ink, ank, unk, onk.
  • We also learned about 2 new apps for Literacy- Raz Kids and Vocabulary City. The students are very excited about using them!
  • We were focused and determined during an i-Ready assessment on the chrome books.
  • We started to learn about character traits and analyzed a few characters in Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon and Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type.
  • In Math we started Unit 6- Represent and Interpret Data.  We took a few surveys in our class.
  • We reached 40% completion of ST Math and received another postcard from JiJi.
  • In Writing we added where and when triangles to our sentences to add more details.  We started writing paragraphs about specific photographs!
  • We continued our unit on heroes and read stories about Martin Luther King, Jr., police officers, Amelia Earhart, and relief workers.
  • We had our Heroes Assembly with the Kindergarten and Second Grade where we showed our heroes video.  You can watch the video here.
  • We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr and made necklaces that represented our individuality.  We also read The Peace Book.




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