Week of January 23 and 30

Classroom updates!

  • In PE we are practicing basketball. Lots of dribbling and shooting the ball.
  • In Art we made pinch pots.
  • In Music we played instruments.
  • During Literacy we are learning about long vowels and the magic e at the end of words.
  • We are also beginning to read books about the planets. During independent centers we are filling out a space journal.
  • We finished our unit on character traits by doing Reading Response Journals on Miss Nelson is Missing, Chester’s Way, and The Paper Bag Princess.
  • We started using SeeSaw a new digital portfolio app.
  • In Science we are learning about the sun, moon, and Earth.  We made a few books and watched a few Brainpop Jr. videos.
  • In the morning we are now using Morning Work Journals.
  • In Math we have learned how to count to 120 by 10s and 1s.  We also love the new Math puzzles in centers.
  • We reflected on the month of January and wrote our monthly memory.
  • We learned about Groundhog Day and completed a grade wide survey about our predictions.
  • On Friday, February 3 we had an assembly about Ella Fitzgerald.  We listened to many of her songs and learned about her life and jazz music.
  • Go Patriots!




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