Week of February 6 and 13

Despite the snow days we have stayed busy in Room 27!  Today starts our February vacation! I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing week.

  • In PE we played Sinking Ship
  • In Art we cut out butterflies and snowflakes
  • In Math we started a new topic on Place Value.
  • We also practiced some Math choice with the attribute shapes and pattern blocks.
  • In Math we took an assessment on Symphony Math.
  • In Literacy we worked on past, present and future tense verbs.
  • We played a new ‘I Have, Who Has’ game.
  • We started to write letters for our Fox Hill Post Office.
  • We celebrated the 100th Day by counting by ones, fives, and tens to one hundred.
  • We celebrated Valentine’s Day by passing out our cards and our Party in a Bag.
  • We listened to Snow Dance with Mrs. Doyle’s students the day before a snow day! It looks like it worked very well!!
  • We visited the Star Lab with Mr. Musselman and learned about stars, the sun, and constellations.
  • We listened to a few books and videos about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We made a Fun Friday President’s Day cutout.

Snow Day Dancing!

Partner Work in Writing

Star Lab and Pajama Day


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