Week of March 13 and 20

The past two weeks….

  • We finished our pinch pots in Art.
  • We began learning about bowling in P.E.
  • We watched a movie and played a new game, Blob, in Music.
  • In Literacy we learned about the vowel teams- ee, ea, ey, ai, ay, oi, oy– and went on a partner search to find words with those sounds.
  • In Literacy we began learning about closed syllables.
  • We wrote about people and pets who mean more to us than gold!
  • We learned about homophones and made homophone books.
  • In Reading we began using our Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook to write about books we are reading and write our own stories.
  • We made rainbows that show our best qualities.
  • In Writing and Science we began our research on Snake Parts and Functions.
  • We are learning how to take notes and write information in our own words.
  • We’ve met with our research groups to read more about snakes.
  • We got a live snake presentation from Ms. P! Many of us even held the corn snake!!
  • We also attended a presentation about chicks. We learned about the parts of an egg and the many different kinds of eggs. Our chicks come to our room on Monday, March 27.
  • In Math we are learning about place value and adding 10 to numbers.
  • We are looking for patterns in the tens and ones place, too.



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