In the past few weeks…..

The students in room 27 have been so busy the past few weeks we haven’t even had time to share what has been going on!  Here are just some of the events and lessons we have conquered this spring, and now summer! Enjoy the pictures!  There are new pictures on our Classroom Picture page, too!

  • In Reading and Writing we worked on writing Personal Narratives.
  • We wrote about small moments in our lives and expanded them by ‘showing, not telling.’
  • In Reading we worked on sequencing, fairy and folk tales, and retelling stories.
  • Our readers completed their first Reader’s Theater!
  • During Reading the students completed several book reports.
  • In Math we completed a Time and Geometry unit.
  • We learned attributes of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • In Science we planted sunflowers and learned about tide pools.
  • We just started our Spirit Week with a theme of kindness.
  • We enjoyed a presentation about being kind and started a random act of kindness chain.
  • The students loved visiting the Book Fair!
  • June 12 was Field Day! The heat did not keep the students from working hard and having fun!








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