Week of September 25 and October 2

For the past two weeks the students of room 27 are really showing they are ready for First Grade. We have been busy with our new Science unit, learning Reading centers, and showing our math skills during Math class. Here is what else we have been up to:

  • Sun and cycle investigations with Mr. Musselman.
  • Tracing our shadows to find patterns in the sky
  • We started our Monthly Memory writing
  • In Writing we are learning about persuasive writing
  • In Math we finished our unit on 2D and 3D shapes, halves and fourths
  • We learned our new Math centers, including ST Math
  • Our mathematicians are working independently during centers
  • In Fundations we are learning about digraphs.  Digraphs are two consonants together that make one sound: ch, ck, wh, th, sh
  • In Reading class we wrote responses to poems and book reviews
  • We are working on building our independent reading stamina in reading class.
  • We watched a BrainPop, Jr. video and learned about Christopher Columbus. For our project we made Christopher Columbus sailing on a ship.





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