Seasons, Book Fair, SeeSaw and More!

This week was filled with new and exciting lessons and events at Fox Hill.  And it does not end today.  Tonight is the Fall Festival from 7-9pm.  It is all the talk in First Grade so I hope you can come out and enjoy!

This week we:

  • Had a community meeting with Mrs. Johnson
  • Visited the Book Fair!
  • Learned about bus safety with Officer Schipelliti
  • Uploaded our first entry into SeeSaw with Ms. Scheffer (parents- be on the lookout for a login soon!)
  • Learned how to write a friendly letter when responding to a book
  • Created Venn Diagrams comparing ourselves to characters in a favorite book
  • Researched the 4 Seasons
  • Created persuasive posters on our favorite season
  • Began solving addition and subtraction word problems
  • Played a few exciting games of scooter soccer in P.E
  • Learned several spooky songs in Music
  • Sponge painted leaves for Fall decorations



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