Where did October go?

This month flew by for our First Graders! We have been in a great routine in the classroom and are challenging our minds each day! Check out some of the photos from our month.

  • We learned how to make hula hoop houses in PE.
  • We made skeletons in Art.
  • We learned several songs about pumpkins.
  • We went on a tree walk with Ms. P!
  • We learned about the parts and functions of plants
  • We built a model of a plant.
  • We are learning how to use a number line and practicing our doubles facts.
  • In Literacy we are working on the parts of Fiction stories and practicing how to retell stories.
  • We watched Stellaluna in the Learning Commons.
  • We worked with coding during STEM week with Mr. Murphy and Ms. Scheffer.
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Week of October 1 and 8

The past two weeks have been very exciting due to our Boosterthon!  The students did a great job getting pledges and running all the laps at the FunRun. Thank you to all the parents and families who also worked very hard to help raise money for Fox Hill. It is very much appreciated!

The past two weeks we have also:

  • Started a new Math unit solving equations to 20
  • Worked on a new Math center- Tangy Tuesday Puzzles
  • Played Around the World with our Math facts
  • Learned about theme in Reading
  • Practiced with diagraphs- sh, wh, ck, ch, th
  • Met in our small reading groups
  • Logged into Raz Kids and Epic to listen to books
  • Learned about Christopher Columbus and did a Fun Friday project with the whole First Grade
  • Completed a celery experiment in Science to learn about roots
  • Started a seed experiment to learn about roots
  • Learned how to hula hoop in P.E.
  • Listened to our Burlington Police Officers about school bus safety
  • Ran many, many laps at the FunRun!




Week of September 24

All of our students enjoyed a week filled with learning. They looked wonderful for picture day and had our first Science experiment! Be sure to ask you student all about their work.

  • We continued to solve addition and subtraction word problems in Math.
  • We learned a new Math center, Shaking Addition, and had several days of Math centers. The students did great!
  • We worked on trick words- the, is, a, of, his, and- in Fundations and practiced editing our sentences for capitals and punctuation.
  • We learned about our Listening Center, Story Question Center, and Time For Kids center during Literacy.
  • We started our first Science unit, Plant Parts and Functions.  Did you student tell you about our experiment? Be sure to check out the photos below.
  • We learned how to use a magnifying glass and worked with our science partners to dissect a plant.
  • We also wrote our September monthly memory.
  • We had an assembly with Mr. Rosenblatt about our positive behavior system! Students can earn tickets when they show the Fox Hill values of being kind, being safe, being responsible, and being respectful.


If you have connected to your student’s SeeSaw account, be sure to do that soon. We will be learning how to upload videos, pictures, and drawings the next few weeks. If you need your QR code, send Mrs. Carroll an email.


Week of September 10 and 17

The past two weeks have been busy in our classroom.  The students are continuing to get used to our routines and procedures.  We have really gotten to know each other through our Me Bags! The students have been very creative with the items they brought in to share about themselves. We were all very impressed!  Here are some other lessons and events that have happened:

  • We listened to The Best Part of Me and wrote about our best parts.
  • We read Jack’s Talent and wrote about our talents and areas of expertise.
  • We wrote letters to our parents for Back to School Night.
  • We created a video for Back to School night giving our parents a tour of our classroom.
  • We continued to solve addition and subtraction word problems.
  • We learned a new Math game, Shaking Addition, and continued to work on ST Math.
  • We began switching for Reading and met our new Reading teacher and classmates.
  • We began independent Writing and got our Words We Use When We Write books.
  • We read about safety in the summer and debated which safety tip was the most important.
  • We became very familiar with our classroom library with a lot of independent and partner reading.

We are looking forward to Picture Day on Wednesday, September 26.  Forms will be going home Monday.

We all earned our 15 team points for this month! We earned the reward of bringing a stuffed animal to school on Tuesday, September 25.


  1. Please bring back a signed permission slip and check for our trip to the Boston Children’s Theater on December 6.
  2. Scholastic Book orders are due on Friday, September 28.



The First Week of First Grade 2018!

Welcome to Mrs. Carroll’s Classroom! We are off to a great start in Room 27.  The students are settling in well and it has been very fun getting to know each other.  This week the students did a lot in four days. They are learning our school and classroom routines, as well as having some fun! Check out some pictures from our week.

I will update the blog every week or two with facts, events, and quotes from students.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns as the year goes on.


On Friday we had an all school assembly with our new principal, Mr. Rosenblatt.

The students listened to The Crayon Box That Talked during Fun Friday.  Each student then created a crayon displaying how they are unique.


Catching up with Ms. Roper and Team 27

It has been a fabulous 5 weeks here in Room 27. Thank-you to students and families who have so warmly welcomed me as I took over for Mrs. Carroll. Students have shown flexibility, kindness, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes as we’ve all made the transition. Thank-you!

Here’s a recap of how our time has gone so far…

Team 27 has been learning about:

  1. book clubs and how to be an active member
  2. how to spell and read with multisyllabic words
  3. what homophones are
  4. how to compare numbers (greater than, less than)
  5. adding double digit numbers with place value strategies and how to REGROUP
  6. animal parts and functions
  7. how to write a report
  8. how to write a procedural poster and flow chart
  9. the process of growing a seed

In between all that learning and growing, we have had many fun and exciting extracurricular activities as well. From Earth Day celebrations to our trip to Legoland and even a visit from “Blades” the Bruins mascot – Team 27 has kept busy.

Many Mystery Readers have visited our classroom including Ms. Canha! Thank-you for taking the time to visit us and share in our love for reading!

We also had an exciting visit from author, Julia Cook and her pup, Kirby. To prepare for her visit, we read Personal Space Camp in class to learn all about what it means to find and respect each other’s personal spaces. Ms. Cook was kind enough to share her awesome stories like I Can’t Believe You Said That and I Am a Booger while she visited. Check them out here!

Please enjoy all the lovely photos below that sum up our last 5 weeks!


Celebrating Earth Day



Lego Land Field Trip




Mystery Readers



Homophones Fun



Julia Cook’s Visit



Blades The Bruin Pep Rally



Stay tuned for more Fox Hill fun and learning! 🙂



April Vacation Animal Sitting!

April Vacation Animal Sitting!
The Science Center is looking for homes for some of its animals over Winter vacation.  **gerbils– snapping turtle–guinea pig (elder)–hamster**

The Science Center will provide cage, food, shavings, and care sheet for each animal. Call Wendy Pavlicek (781)-270-2928 or email pavlicek@bpsk12.org ASAP if interested.

Animals are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. All animals must be picked up by making an appointment with Ms. Pavlicek.

Thank you.