Catching up with Ms. Roper and Team 27

It has been a fabulous 5 weeks here in Room 27. Thank-you to students and families who have so warmly welcomed me as I took over for Mrs. Carroll. Students have shown flexibility, kindness, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes as we’ve all made the transition. Thank-you!

Here’s a recap of how our time has gone so far…

Team 27 has been learning about:

  1. book clubs and how to be an active member
  2. how to spell and read with multisyllabic words
  3. what homophones are
  4. how to compare numbers (greater than, less than)
  5. adding double digit numbers with place value strategies and how to REGROUP
  6. animal parts and functions
  7. how to write a report
  8. how to write a procedural poster and flow chart
  9. the process of growing a seed

In between all that learning and growing, we have had many fun and exciting extracurricular activities as well. From Earth Day celebrations to our trip to Legoland and even a visit from “Blades” the Bruins mascot – Team 27 has kept busy.

Many Mystery Readers have visited our classroom including Ms. Canha! Thank-you for taking the time to visit us and share in our love for reading!

We also had an exciting visit from author, Julia Cook and her pup, Kirby. To prepare for her visit, we read Personal Space Camp in class to learn all about what it means to find and respect each other’s personal spaces. Ms. Cook was kind enough to share her awesome stories like I Can’t Believe You Said That¬†and I Am a Booger while she visited. Check them out here!

Please enjoy all the lovely photos below that sum up our last 5 weeks!


Celebrating Earth Day



Lego Land Field Trip




Mystery Readers



Homophones Fun



Julia Cook’s Visit



Blades The Bruin Pep Rally



Stay tuned for more Fox Hill fun and learning! ūüôā




April Vacation Animal Sitting!

April Vacation Animal Sitting!
The Science Center is looking for homes for some of its¬†animals¬†over Winter¬†vacation.¬† **gerbils– snapping turtle–guinea pig (elder)–hamster**

The Science Center will provide cage, food, shavings, and care sheet for each animal. Call Wendy Pavlicek (781)-270-2928 or email ASAP if interested.

Animals are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. All animals must be picked up by making an appointment with Ms. Pavlicek.

Thank you.

Kali Flanagan visits Fox Hill!

USA Hockey team player, Kali Flanagan, came to Fox Hill for a visit with our students! She won the gold medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics and brought her gold medal to share with the students!  Unfortunately, our class picture with her did not come out, so we only have two pictures with Kali.  It was still an exciting day!


Visitors in Room 27

Even with all the snow days in March, we have had many visitors to our classroom! We are happy to be going outside for recess and hope the sun continues to shine!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Mystery Readers, Elisa’s Mom and Sophie’s Mom

Ms. Pavlicek came to visit our classroom with a presentation about snakes! We are starting our research on snakes’ parts and functions. Everyone was able to hold or touch a corn snake when she was here! Thank you Ms. P!



The month of February was filled with many exciting days in First Grade.  We are most grateful that everyone is back to school and healthy again! Here is what we have been up to:

  • In Math we started a new unit on graphing and data.
  • In Writing we completed our Personal Narratives. Be sure to check out our videos on SeeSaw.
  • In Literacy we have learned about plural nouns and contractions.
  • In Fundations we learned about long vowels.
  • In PE we learned many new sports from the Olympics.¬† We learned about the luge, bobsled, speed skating, and biathlon.
  • We learned several new songs in Music.
  • We continued to work with clay in Art.
  • We had our closing ceremonies for the Olympics with the whole school.
  • We celebrated our 100th Day of school! On this day we were engineers and built different structures with 100 different items.
  • Mr. Musselman visited Fox Hill with the Star Lab.¬† We learned about the sky, stars, moon, and constellations.
  • We celebrated Valentine’s Day with our friends.
  • We learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and a fun Friday about them.
  • On March 2nd we participated in Read Across America Day by having several guest readers, including Mrs. Johnson, some fifth grade students, and a Mystery Reader.
  • We had 3 Mystery Readers!

Miss Canha, our classroom student teacher, taught us many of these new skills. Thank you Miss Canha!




Week of January 29

This week in Room 27…….

  • In PE, we learned about curling. -EJ
  • In Art, we worked on our trees and tree branches with oil pastels. -Ryan and Rhys
  • In Art, we made pinch pots. -Abby
  • In Music, we played Grizzly Bear. -Hailey
  • We read It’s Not a Box and showed our creativity with our own drawings. -Nathan
  • In Math we got our 50% JiJi poster. – Cameron
  • We learned about Groundhog’s Day. – Sophie
  • We learned more about Belarus, our Olympic country. – Sisira
  • We got picked for a class Gotcha.- Georgia
  • We added work to SeeSaw. -Anna

Go Pats!!!

Mrs. Rashidifard was our first Mystery Reader! Thank you for reading us Choo Choo by Virginia Lee Burton.


Our It’s Not a Box drawings

Hailey and Abu presented at our assembly today!