Week of January 29

This week in Room 27…….

  • In PE, we learned about curling. -EJ
  • In Art, we worked on our trees and tree branches with oil pastels. -Ryan and Rhys
  • In Art, we made pinch pots. -Abby
  • In Music, we played Grizzly Bear. -Hailey
  • We read It’s Not a Box and showed our creativity with our own drawings. -Nathan
  • In Math we got our 50% JiJi poster. – Cameron
  • We learned about Groundhog’s Day. – Sophie
  • We learned more about Belarus, our Olympic country. – Sisira
  • We got picked for a class Gotcha.- Georgia
  • We added work to SeeSaw. -Anna

Go Pats!!!

Mrs. Rashidifard was our first Mystery Reader! Thank you for reading us Choo Choo by Virginia Lee Burton.


Our It’s Not a Box drawings

Hailey and Abu presented at our assembly today!


Mystery Reader

We are beginning Mystery Readers in Room 27.  If you are interested in being a Mystery Reader, please check your child’s blue communication folder. I sent home a sign-up sheet.  If you need another, please contact me!

Welcome Back!

It has been quite awhile since I have last updated our blog, but don’t worry we have kept the students busy! I hope everyone had a restful holiday and have been safe in the snowstorms.  We hope the snow melts again soon so we can have outside recess again!

Here are some highlights from the last two weeks:

  • In PE we learned Four Square Hockey and the obstacle course.
  • In Art, we are drawing Pine trees and have learned about different textures.
  • In Music, we learned the song Grizzly Bear, Bubble Gum and Freeze Dance.
  • In Math we have learned subtractions facts up to 20.
  • We have become expert mathematicians in fact families.
  • We earned our 40% JiJi postcard.
  • In Literacy we have began learning about Reciprocal Teaching- questioning, predicting, clarifying, and summarizing. We are learning that these strategies make us better readers.
  • In Writing, we are learning about personal narratives.
  • We wrote a class book titled, Room 27’s Dance Party and are currently writing our own personal narratives.
  • We wrote New Years Resolutions for ourselves.
  • We learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and read Martin’s Big Words.
  • We earned a class prize and watched The Magic School Bus, Adventures in Space.

We also have a new teacher in our room for the next few months.  Jade Canha is here as a student teacher from Merrimack College.  Ms. Canha will be here everyday until April.  IMG_0968IMG_0967IMG_0966IMG_0965


Week of November 27

I hope everyone had a restful long weekend. The students were busy discussing and writing about things they are thankful for. I hope everyone was able to connect to SeeSaw and can see their student’s work. If you are having trouble, please send me an email.

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

  • In Music we learned new songs for the Peppermint Parade.
  • In P.E. we are refining our hula-hooping skills.
  • In Art we have worked on painting.
  • In Reading we are learning about character traits.
  • We started a new Fundations unit on singular and plural words.
  • In Math we learned strategies to help us add to 10.
  • We used subtraction to help us solve addition and addition to help us solve subtraction.
  • We earned our 30% postcard from JiJi in ST Math.
  • We sketched the leaves and sees from the Maple, Oak, and Pine trees
  • We went on a tree walk and took pictures of Maple, Oak, and Pine trees.
  • We are creating our first book in Book Creator from our tree walk.
  • We planted seeds and investigated the function of roots.



We can’t believe it is already November here in First Grade.  Check out what we have been up to:

  • Investigated stems with a celery experiment
  • Dissected the celery to explain the function of a stem
  • Finished our Fundations unit on the bonus letters ff, ss, ll, and the glued sound all
  • Started working on a new app for iReady
  • Began a new Math unit on doubles facts, doubles plus one, and facts with a ten frame
  • Created a pumpkin craft and ‘Party In A Bag’
  • Had a Community Circle with Mrs. Johnson
  • Learned about Veterans for Veteran’s Day
  • Wrote letters of thanks to veterans
  • Added our WOW work to SeeSaw


Reminders for the week of November 6

We hope everyone is enjoying this warmer weather. We certainly are in Room 27 with outside recess!

A few reminders for this week:

  1. Our field trip is Wednesday, November 8th. Students should wear their blue Fox Hill t-shirt and bring a nut-free lunch to school.
  2. Scholastic Book orders are due Wednesday, November 8th.
  3. No School Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10.
  4. There is a notice going home today about Parent-Conference sign ups.

In Our Own Words

This week we’re going to hear from our students! In their own words, here is what was accomplished this week!

  • “We learned about plants.” -Elisa
  • “In Art we learned about bad hair days.” -Georgia
  • “We dissected plants in Science.” -Ryan
  • “We learned about plants and their different parts.” -Abby
  • “We tried our hardest on our Math test.” -Cameron
  • “In Reading we read books to become better readers.” -Chace
  • “We observed plants.” -EJ
  • “We did adding and subtracting.” -Sophie
  • “We colored our Party In a Bag!” -Sisira
  • “In PE we got to do stations.” -Elise
  • “We posted our work to SeeSaw.” -Hailey
  • “We wrote about our plants in our Science Journal.” -Cyrus
  • “We learned the plants functions.” -Rhys
  • “We learned a new song in Music.” -Anna
  • “We voted about our favorite season.” -Colin