Week of September 25 and October 2

For the past two weeks the students of room 27 are really showing they are ready for First Grade. We have been busy with our new Science unit, learning Reading centers, and showing our math skills during Math class. Here is what else we have been up to:

  • Sun and cycle investigations with Mr. Musselman.
  • Tracing our shadows to find patterns in the sky
  • We started our Monthly Memory writing
  • In Writing we are learning about persuasive writing
  • In Math we finished our unit on 2D and 3D shapes, halves and fourths
  • We learned our new Math centers, including ST Math
  • Our mathematicians are working independently during centers
  • In Fundations we are learning about digraphs.  Digraphs are two consonants together that make one sound: ch, ck, wh, th, sh
  • In Reading class we wrote responses to poems and book reviews
  • We are working on building our independent reading stamina in reading class.
  • We watched a BrainPop, Jr. video and learned about Christopher Columbus. For our project we made Christopher Columbus sailing on a ship.





Just a few reminders

Here are a few reminders about upcoming dates in Room 27 and at Fox Hill:

Friday, September 22nd– Scholastic Book Money due, online or check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs

Friday, September 22nd– Field trip to Stoneham Theater forms and money due, $17 cash or check made out to Fox Hill First Grade

Tuesday, September 26th– 9:30am or 6pm- Parent Volunteer Meeting with Mrs. Johnson


Welcome to First Grade!

The first week of school in Room 27 has been a success! It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces on the first day of school.  We have done a lot this week and look forward to many more to come.  This week, we…..

  • Got to know our new classmates.
  • Learned about what we are experts at and what some of our favorite things are.
  • Practiced with our iPads.
  • Started to read the many, many books in our classroom library.
  • Listened to several stories, such as First Day Jitters, Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, Same, Same, but Different, One, and Officer Buckle and Gloria.
  • Started specials- Music with Ms. Harrigan, P.E. with Mrs. McCall, and Art with Mr. Scarpulla
  • Had our first Community Circle with Mrs. Johnson.
  • Started our first Math unit on 2D and 3D shapes

Exploring Math Manipulatives




Learning About our Classroom Library

In the past few weeks…..

The students in room 27 have been so busy the past few weeks we haven’t even had time to share what has been going on!  Here are just some of the events and lessons we have conquered this spring, and now summer! Enjoy the pictures!  There are new pictures on our Classroom Picture page, too!

  • In Reading and Writing we worked on writing Personal Narratives.
  • We wrote about small moments in our lives and expanded them by ‘showing, not telling.’
  • In Reading we worked on sequencing, fairy and folk tales, and retelling stories.
  • Our readers completed their first Reader’s Theater!
  • During Reading the students completed several book reports.
  • In Math we completed a Time and Geometry unit.
  • We learned attributes of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • In Science we planted sunflowers and learned about tide pools.
  • We just started our Spirit Week with a theme of kindness.
  • We enjoyed a presentation about being kind and started a random act of kindness chain.
  • The students loved visiting the Book Fair!
  • June 12 was Field Day! The heat did not keep the students from working hard and having fun!







Exciting events this week!

We have had a few extra visitors in our room the past two weeks! The chicks were delivered and hatched last week.  We even saw one being hatched during dismissal! Each day we have made observations of the chicks and are learning how they get stronger each day.  Today we took them out of the Brooder Box and let them walk around with our groups. Some of the students named their chick.

On Monday we learned about Maple Sugaring with Ms. P.  We learned all the different tools needed to tap a tree and collect sap.  We can’t wait to see what we have collected in a few days!

File_000 (3)File_006 (3)File_007 (3)File_005 (3)





Week of March 13 and 20

The past two weeks….

  • We finished our pinch pots in Art.
  • We began learning about bowling in P.E.
  • We watched a movie and played a new game, Blob, in Music.
  • In Literacy we learned about the vowel teams- ee, ea, ey, ai, ay, oi, oy– and went on a partner search to find words with those sounds.
  • In Literacy we began learning about closed syllables.
  • We wrote about people and pets who mean more to us than gold!
  • We learned about homophones and made homophone books.
  • In Reading we began using our Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook to write about books we are reading and write our own stories.
  • We made rainbows that show our best qualities.
  • In Writing and Science we began our research on Snake Parts and Functions.
  • We are learning how to take notes and write information in our own words.
  • We’ve met with our research groups to read more about snakes.
  • We got a live snake presentation from Ms. P! Many of us even held the corn snake!!
  • We also attended a presentation about chicks. We learned about the parts of an egg and the many different kinds of eggs. Our chicks come to our room on Monday, March 27.
  • In Math we are learning about place value and adding 10 to numbers.
  • We are looking for patterns in the tens and ones place, too.


Week of February 27 and March 6

This week in Room 27 we:

  • Celebrated our 100th Day of School
  • Celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss
  • Learned the meaning of “March comes in a like a lion and out like a lamb”.  We wrote about times we are lions and lambs and did an art project.
  • Learned a new vocabulary center in Literacy.
  • Wrote our February Monthly memory.
  • Stared a new topic in Math about place value.
  • Started our Animal Parts and Functions unit in Science. We traced our bodies on big pieces of paper and labeled our body parts.
  • Looked at animal models and used comparison statements to  compare their parts.
  • Watched a video about chicks and the master incubator.  Our chicks went into the incubator on March 8th.
  • Finished our unit in Fundations on long vowels.

Here are a few quotes from the students about their work the past two weeks:

“We drew a picture of cat in the hat”- Ivy

“We did our lion and lamb writing and project.” Meghan

“We watched We Sing in Sillyville.” Samira

“We made pictures of space in art.” Vanessa

“We painted our pinch pots.” Zoe

“We learned about animal parts and functions in Science.” Cameron

“In Science we are opening our eggs to learn about the chicks.”  Jonathan

“ In Reading we wrote about people who are worth more to us than gold.”  Emma

“We labeled animal parts in Science.”  Angaj